Major Media Information Company gets ‘Leadership Edge’

This world-leading market and media information company with presence in over 100 countries, conducted a comprehensive internal leadership competency assessment that identified some key gaps in leadership capabilities – as well as shortcomings in career development, performance management, performance-based compensation and managerial effectiveness.

In relation to a recent shift to a new business model called ‘Total Client Solutions’, they had also identified development needs in relation to leadership styles, Emotional Intelligence and people management skills.

TMI were approached as a learning and development partner for leadership excellence.

‘Leadership Edge’ initiative was launched, focusing on developing the leadership practices of the organisation’s top management, then working to enhance managers’ and leaders’ awareness of Emotional Intelligence and their competence to better manage emotionally sensitive leadership situations for positive outcomes.

TMI delivered:

  • A comprehensive pre- and post-assessment of leadership capability and practices using 360 degree leadership assessment
  • An assessment of Emotional Intelligence within the organisation, using TMI’s innovative Personal EQ Meter tool
  • A 3-stage Emotionally Intelligent Leadership development process based on a blend of workshops, intensive action learning projects in-between, and coaching support.

TMI’s Leadership Edge intervention resulted in marked improvements in specific individual leadership practices, as indicated by our 360 degree and Personal EQ Meter pre- and post assessments.

Furthermore, an initially skeptical client turned into an enthusiastic advocate of leadership development and Emotional Intelligence and the initiative was named Asia-Pacific Regional Best Practice within the client organisation.

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